Tips For Maintaining Workplace Cleanliness

Every office has a cleaning service officer who cleans and tidy up the office. However, as employees who also use several facilities in the office, we must be able to maintain cleanliness there. We don’t always have to rely on cleaning services jobs because office cleanliness is a shared responsibility.

Here are 5 easy tips on how to maintain the cleanliness of the office environment that you can apply right now in the office:

1. Improve hand hygiene

With the high frequency of contact between your hands and some elements in the office, such as desks, chairs, telephones and computer keyboards and mice, it is very important for you to improve environmental and personal hygiene, especially for hand hygiene. Improving hand hygiene in the office environment by using a hand sanitizer and instilling a culture of proper handwashing habits can help to risk cross-contamination among employees.

2. Beware of germs that hide in the office area

The spread of germs and bacteria can be caused by several contacts, and one of them comes from unhealthy employee contacts. Make sure you throw away the tissue waste that you use when you sneeze in the trash and wash your hands afterward. In addition to helping to improve hygiene standards in your work environment, you are also able to prevent transmission of disease to healthy employees. If you use a handkerchief, be sure not to let your handkerchief roam the work desk.

3. Instill personal hygiene practices in the office toilet environment

The habit of not instilling personal hygiene practices in an office toilet environment is also another risk in the spread of cross-contamination. Not closing the toilet seat during the rinsing process can trigger the sneezing effect produced by the toilet. In addition, not throwing sanitary waste into the sanitary napkin provided and prefer to throw it in the toilet or not cleaning the toilet seat with toilet seat cleaner provided when leaving the toilet, are some dirty habits in the office toilet that you need to avoid.

Wet flooring is not only a common complaint of complaints from office toilet users but can also increase the risk of slipping and falling. Always remember to dry your hands with a hand tissue or a hand dryer from the manager – rather than having to let your hands wet the toilet floor.

4. Stop consuming food and drinks at the desk

Eating and drinking at work is a common practice employed by office employees. Even though it brings comfort to employees, the work environment is able to store a lot of harmful bacteria and put employees at risk of cross-contamination as long as they are enjoying food and drinks at the work table. Of course! This habit is also very interesting in the emergence of pests such as cockroaches and ants that make your food crumbs into their food source.

5. Remember! Cleanliness starts right at your door!

When we come back from lunch or get out of the office for a while, we can carry dust, dirt, and germs stuck to your shoes! When we are in a busy situation and schedule, trivial matters that become one of the sources of cross-contamination like this often tend to be ignored.

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