The Impact Of Drinking Alcohol During Cold Weather

Alcohol does have the ability to warm the body. For this reason, many people find it more suitable to drink when the temperature is cold. If we consume it when the temperature is warm, the face or cheeks will turn red and make sweat production increase. It’s just that health experts suggest that you should not drink alcohol when the temperature is cold. If you are addicted to alcohol, you can visit the center for addiction treatment.

Eating alcoholic beverages can cause adverse effects on your health. One of them is to damage the body’s reflexes to keep its internal temperature in warm conditions when the weather is very cold. This is caused by a warm sensation that is felt when consuming it.

For information, alcohol can cause enlargement of blood vessels, especially those that are under the surface of the skin. This will make the blood supply from the heart actually lead to more fingers and hands. Indeed, this will make us feel a warming sensation, but the body’s core temperature actually decreases due to the decrease in blood supply in that section. If we sweat, the effect of decreasing body temperature can be even more severe.

Seeing this fact, if we consume alcoholic beverages during cold temperatures, then we will be more susceptible to hypothermia that can be dangerous. In many cases, hypothermia can lead to loss of consciousness or even death.

In addition to cold temperatures, consuming alcohol at any temperature or weather conditions is actually not recommended by health experts. This is due to the ability of alcohol to cause various diseases that cannot be underestimated.

Many studies have found that alcohol can damage sleep quality, which can cause cognitive and mood disorders when you wake up. In addition, alcohol can also cause effects such as fat buildup which triggers the appearance of bulging stomach problems. In fact, alcohol is also included in the main cause of fatty liver problems which of course will be able to make one of the most important organs for the health of this body damaged.

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