These 4 Tips Can Make Your Employees Love Their Office

Every employee has an important role in the business continuity of a company. As part of the HRD team, you must maintain employee loyalty so they can work well for a long period of time coworking. One of them is by increasing office comfort. If the atmosphere is comfortable, the employee will feel at work and be more productive. Additionally, if you’re looking for a good place for your new office, you can check out the best coworking space bangalore.

Here are 4 tips for making employees feel at home in your office:

1. Add more office facilities

The company provides various facilities so that employees feel a comfortable atmosphere for work. For example, a place to live, a health clinic, to a special dining place for employees. With this facility, employees will feel more concerned.

2. Decorate office space with plants

Spruce and beautify the atmosphere of the office with flowers and plants, it might increase the morale at work and make it more aesthetic. Research shows that offices with ornamental plants have happier and more productive employees. Adding plants to the office can increase productivity by up to 15 percent.

3. Do a gathering

After getting tired of office work piled up, it’s time for the HRD team to prepare time for refreshing together. Bosses who care about their employees will spend quality time just gathering or small talk during coffee breaks.

There are times when you and your colleagues in the office have to do activities like a family gathering or refreshing together. Remember, do not discuss work issues while enjoying these activities.

4. Prepare lunch

At present, there are already many offices that provide lunch for their employees. If your company has not run it, try to take the initiative. Look for an empty room for lunch too so that there are many interactions between employees that are not in the same room. Such interactions can ultimately improve work performance.

Facilitating employees with lunch and the room can also provide opportunities for employees to get help or feedback about the project being worked on. Lunch with other employees also allows discussion and exchange of ideas about each other’s work.