These Kitchen Sets Can Make Your Small Kitchen With Many Kitchen Appliances Look Spacious

The limited space is often an obstacle for homeowners when they want to choose a kitchen set according to taste. For that, it is very important to choose a compact kitchen set design, but it still has the maximum function plus high-quality JennAir Professional Hoods to support the activities carried out in the kitchen. Like storing kitchen utensils and equipment, washing, to cooking. What does the kitchen set design make for your small kitchen?

Here are some of their examples for you:


One line kitchen set alias one line is a form that is very suitable to be applied to a small house. The shape that follows the length of the space makes this shape very space-saving and flexible to apply to any form of space. So that all kitchen functions are found in the kitchen set, you can choose to place the kitchen set on the longer side of the room.

L shape

If the kitchen is located in the corner of the room, then the L-shaped kitchen set design is suitable for the application. This one form is more varied than one-line form. You can apply a triangle pattern to the L-shaped kitchen set. The refrigerator is placed in the outer corner so it is closer to the dining area.

Two lines

The kitchen set in the form of two lines has two opposite cabinets. This shape is suitable to be applied to the hallway room, for example having a door at the end of the hall. However, if you apply the form of two lines, make sure that the space between the cabinet must be considered.