New Affiliate Marketers Must Know These 3 Affiliate Marketing Myths

Many myths out there are related to affiliate marketing. This is the reason, many people are still confused and hesitate to run this business program. For that, you can make the right decision so that your online business can grow rapidly. Aside from that, if you wish to find an amazing affiliate marketing program, perhaps you want to check out clickfunnels review reddit.

Here are 3 myths related to affiliate marketing:

1.) Affiliate Marketing Can Be Run Quickly and Easily

In fact, the affiliate marketing program is very busy with a lot of work. Mostly, this program has a lot of glances, so that many competitors and commissions will be more difficult to obtain. You know, running an affiliate marketing program is just a matter of spreading referral links. However, more than that, based on the Threeladdersmarketing website, only around 0.6% of affiliate marketers succeeded in running the program from 2013 to 2014. This is seen based on preferences, strategies, tactics, companies and many others.

2.) For an Affiliate to Succeed, You Need to Choose a Very Popular Niche

In fact, many companies have not tried to open this program. It’s because they think their market is too little. Some companies even try to enter a bigger niche market, even they are not interested in the niche market.

It’s true, the more popular niche will be better for the affiliate marketing program. Nevertheless, that does not mean guaranteeing you have a successful chance. For that, try to stay in line with your company’s goals and mission and find affiliates who understand the relevance of work in a market that makes you feel comfortable.

3.) You Can Be Successful If You Promote Links on Many Sites

The best way to run an affiliate marketing program is to prioritize quality over quantity. There are many small websites that will promote your product. But, the key is to find a small number of partners who will provide conversions. For example, a stock management services firm already has 20 thousand affiliates in their system. But, only about 25 affiliates actually produce 85 percent of their income. According to a study conducted by the Threeladdersmarketing website, the success of affiliate programs is driven by SEO with a percentage of 79% and social media around 60%.