Inspiring Design Of A Functional And Comfortable Small Bathroom

Being a place to start the day, you need a bathroom that is functional and comfortable. A good home bathroom design can also improve mood in the morning. One that could be a choice is a minimalist style. Even so, the size of a small bathroom or shower set that is less suitable sometimes becomes one of the obstacles. Well, if you experience this problem, the following bathroom design recommendations to make it look bigger, while still comfortable and functional homepage!

1. Choose Neutral Colours

Choose a neutral colour for minimalist bathroom design. You can try several colours like white, beige or grey to paint the walls. Neutral colours will make the room look more spacious and bright even if you don’t have a window at all.

2. Simple and Clean

Simply put the items needed neatly, then put the rest in a bathroom drawer or storage area, so the bathroom does not look messy. Avoid accessories or displays that are too much or do not put the display at all because this can make the bathroom look full so it is no longer in a minimalist style.

3. Give a Touch of Contrast Color

If you like a minimalist design style but you don’t like monotonous colours in one room, you can try giving a touch of contrasting colours, like black or gold.

4. Material and Simple Shape

Use simple materials for your bathroom accessories and furniture such as wood or concrete to provide texture and colour in a minimalist bathroom with a neutral theme so it doesn’t look plain. This will make the bathroom look minimalist but not boring.

5. Minimalist decoration

Minimalist style is indeed famous for the lack of decoration and accessories in the room. If you still want to decorate your bathroom, you can use decorations like small plants or a multifunctional basket that can be used as a laundry bag.

With simple decoration, the bathroom will still look minimalist and more ‘live’. But remember, only put items that are of any use, do not put items that are of no use in the bathroom so that the bathroom will still look clean.

6. Symmetrical Wall Pattern Model

Want to add a style to the wall with wallpaper or marble? Choose a simple style with symmetrical lines that are not excessive like straight lines or squares and hexagons. With this, the display will look unique and remain minimalist without making it too plain.

7. Mirror Wall

Placement of a mirror along the wall can make the bathroom look and feel bigger. Doing this at the same time can provide a good reflection of light from a lamp or window.

8. Curbless Showers

Shower without the edges can make the room feel more spacious. In addition, a shower that has no edges also makes the bathroom easier to clean.