Can We Modify Our Car Without Losing Our Car Warranty?

Losing the car manufacturer’s warranty has become a common risk for car or motorcycle owners when deciding to make modifications. Especially if the changes have touched the electrical parts such as lamp modifications. However, there is one way to modify a car’s headlights that do not burn the car warranty.

Apparently, the manufacturer’s warranty can be maintained, if the installer does not peel the original cable. So the extra cable is inserted in the socket before plugging the original cable. So that if the owner wants to do related services, do not expire the electricity warranty.

But, the installation of such lights will be difficult when the car must be dismantled. Because the only one who knows the additional cable insert for the lamp modification is the installer.

For example DRL (Daytime Running Light) lights. When a car wants radiator servicing or repetition, the cable must be disassembled. Afterward, it could be that the technician forgot how or where to connect the DRL lights, as a result, they were equally confused. So it’s better to just make a socket.

So that it does not happen, it is recommended that vehicle owners must understand and memorize when modifying the lights in that way. In addition, the method of installing car lights has the risk of short-circuiting and the durability of the lamp is not long.