Two Ways To Clean Carpets From Stains

The carpet is an important component in the room and is an area that is difficult to clean when exposed to wet or sticky stains because stains on the carpet can be absorbed and stick to for a long time. Carpet Cleaning The Hills can clean stains on carpets quickly if you want to get your carpet clean. You don’t need to worry because if there is a carpet that is stained and leaves an unpleasant odor auto carpet cleaner, we can clean it without having to bother removing and washing all parts of the carpet.

Here are two powerful ways you can try yourself with your carpet. The trick is only with a vacuum cleaner. Can with Dry Vacuum and Wet and Dry Vacuum. Each has its way to remove smelly stains on the carpet. Check out the way below!

Dry vacuum
A dry vacuum may be easier to find and more common to have at home. Dry Vacuum is usually used to clean dirt such as dust to facilitate the process of cleaning at home such as sweeping. If you have a Dry Vacuum this is the way you can do for you to clean wet stains on stubborn carpets!

1. Absorb the remaining stain with tissue paper or cloth.
2. By using a mixture of water and vinegar spray on dirt, then brush gently. This mixture can help remove layers that have been affected by dirt.
3. Sprinkle baking soda evenly in a wet area to oxidize and neutralize odors. Let stand for some time, until dry.
4. After that, clean the area that has been rubbed using a solution of water and vinegar with a vacuum cleaner.

Wet and dry vacuum
Wet and Dry Vacuum is a vacuum that can be used to suck wet or liquid stains and also dry dirt such as dust. With its ability to suck liquids we can use Wet and Dry Vacuum to “rinse” parts of carpet affected by dirt easily! So let’s try it right away!

1. If the stain is still wet, use a wet vacuum cleaner to suck dry dirt so it is not more absorbed by the carpet.
2. Rinse the stained area by wiping the carpet using lukewarm water, then wipe it again using a wet vacuum cleaner. Do this rinse several times until it is felt enough.
3. Spray the stained area with vinegar or cleaner.
4. Rub the baking soda paste into the stained area using a brush and allow it to dry.
5. Then, use the vacuum cleaner again to remove the baking soda from the carpet.

Now the two ways above are tips that you can try to make your cleaning activities easier.

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