Tips To Perform Post-Polishing Car Body Care

Cars that have been polished also require regular maintenance so that the sparkle effect on the vehicle is not easily lost. Although it has just been polished, of course, we will feel happy because of the car as in a new state. Don’t forget to do mobile detailing or other treatments, to do that you can do it in mobile detailing orlando. There will provide the best quality and so will the service. Guaranteed you will not feel disappointed.

The car that just came out of the factory does offer a number of advantages, one of which is a sparkling body. But if you do not get regular maintenance, the sparkle will slowly but surely disappear.

Nowadays, there are many workshops that offer detailing services or car body polish, to coat the coating. Through creative and skilled hands, the paint that was originally dull can come back bright and radiate beauty like new.

Although already doing polishing or detailing his favourite vehicle, consumers still need to take care of the car. This is to prevent the gloss effect after the polish does not quickly disappear or fade.

After doing detailing or coating, the vehicle owner is required to carry out some mandatory maintenance, so that the condition of the car remains excellent. The steps that need to be done and avoided as below:

– After carrying out maintenance, for 7 days the car is tried not to be contaminated with other materials such as rainwater that is not dried again. This is to prevent the occurrence of water spots on both the glass and the vehicle body. This water spot can later disrupt the quality of cars that have been polished before. It also will reduce the aesthetic value of the car, or reduce the beauty of the car.

– Vehicle owners are also forbidden to let dirt stick to the body. The content of dirt on the body is feared to damage the coating layer. This will actually worsen a car that has just been polished.

– Vehicles that have been coated or polished are required to carry out routine inspections every 6 months. This is done to ensure the condition of the body remains excellent. In addition to maintaining the quality of the car that was polished earlier.

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