Preparation for a speech

In this occasion, I will share a few tips on giving a speech. Well, I hope that when we get the assignment to speak in public, we are not nervous and misbehaving. It’s because this material is not the core of our language, so it can quickly step on the main material. Immediately we begin to speak about how to make a speech. The following tips and tricks for a good and correct speech in my opinion homepage. In the meantime, go to our website if you need more examples of motivational speeches.

Making a Speech Script

The first step you have to do is to make a speech. Before you compose a speech text you must determine what theme you will convey. To make it easier for you, choose a theme that you have mastered before.

Besides being able to increase self-confidence it can also make the speech we convey become more interesting. We return to the speech script, a good speech is a speech that runs in a coherent and interrelated way, trying not to repeat the material.

After determining our theme, what we have to do next is to determine the core of the problem/theme. Develop the theme in as much detail as possible, so that we as speakers seem convincing before the listener.

Looking for Material Reflexes

When we have made an overview of the material that we will convey, we need a reference to the theme that we set. We can get this refresh from a variety of media, we can search in articles, books or on youtube.

Practice before giving a speech

All those people are born in a state of nothing, he can do something because there are a will and effort. So the thing to note is, never get bored for practice. If you are still afraid to speak in front of people, do the exercises in a mirror.

This will at least foster confidence in us, if the practice before the mirror has started smoothly. Try to do it in front of your friends, tell your friends to rate your appearance. That way we will know the shortcomings of what we need to fix.